About Offsyde Productions

Within the walls of the Offsyde Productions Workshop lies a hub of creativity and ingenuity unlike any other.  The more challenging the project, the more fun it is to take on.

A fully self-sufficient machine, the experience and wide array of talents under the Offsyde Productions roof means that we can deliver a full solution for your creative needs, as opposed to just one or two specialties.

From screen printing to producing radio and TV commercials to vinyl graphics and promotional literature, Offsyde has you covered.

At the helm of Offsyde Productions is Colin Russell.  Since a young age, Colin has been immersed in his creative ability, constantly exploring the arts and how to apply them.  With a highly developed eye – and ear – for compelling artistic material, he has been able to see the world like no one else; a gift that has helped him point entrepreneurs and businesses in the right creative direction.

What does this mean for Offsyde Productions?

30 years of experience on all major musical instruments and digital audio workstations means that we don’t buy licensed music for our video and audio productions.  We make our own, saving our clients money.

Design capability that is refined by years of exploration and education means that, from logos to literature, we can create virtually any material without farming it out.

Need a 30 second TV spot or a promotional video for your website?  How about a radio ad?  Nearly a decade in the entertainment industry was nothing short of a creative’s bootcamp for providing the highest quality advertising in the world.  We do it all here at Offsyde.

…oh, and that website: we can do that, too.

Building a website to be visually appealing is the easy part.  Building a website that is SEO friendly, quick, and efficient is a whole different ballgame.

There’s a saying that is beloved by many that claims that a “jack of all trades” is a “master of none”.  We consider ourselves “master of all of ’em” and have a saying of our own here at Offsyde:

“Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of we who are busy doing it.”